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Where online business owners come to learn the skills they need to create, launch and grow a thriving, yet sustainable business, all without having to hustle 24/7!

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Why hello, fellow entrepreneur

Pull up a comfy seat and lets chat for a moment. First let me say I HEAR YOU loud and clear. You have been at this online business thing for awhile and you're getting tired. I get it!

Let's be honest with one another. You started your online business because you wanted to impact more lives and have more time to do the things you love. made the transition to the online space only to find out how much you really didn't know before jumping in with both feet.  You find yourself spending more time each day creating the "things" you think you need to make it in this online business world only to find yourself flopping in bed late at night unable to sleep as your to-do list, that never ends, runs through your head. You lay there staring into the dark wondering if it will ever get better. Only to wake up the next morning and do the insanity all over again!  

What if I told you the only thing that divides you and those like you who have already started to see the success they dreamt about is a solid training SYSTEM! That's right. The kind of training system that helps you to know exactly what you need and what you don't need so you can stop wasting your precious time and money! Training that is easy to follow along with, up to date (we update content yearly as platforms change a LOT) and yes...helps the tech pieces keep you from getting overwhelmed and in your own head a little too much!

How much longer do you want to pay for multiple courses only to find out they were not what you needed or only gave you part of the puzzle pieces?

Does this sound familiar to you?

  • You really aren't that tech savvy but you know you could learn if only you had a step-by-step easy to follow training library created by someone who is super tech savvy and knows how to teach (I used to teach high school students)
  • You started your online business because you're an coach/consultant, artist/creative, health/wellness professional or content creator and you feel like what you have inside of you just needs to reach the hurting world around you, you know you were meant for helping others and you want to make a huge impact but you also feel like you are running out of time and your not sure on what steps to take first or second!
  • You've been feeling burnt out, overwhelmed, frustrated and find yourself crying at the most random of times because your mind is telling you to give up, but your heart knows you can't do that, so you find yourself pushing through to "make it happen" even if it is just for one more day.
  • You just wish someone could help you wade through all the noise in the online business space so you could focus on what you need to do and cut the rest out. 


After all something inside of you tells you it doesn't have to be so hard...

You're sick of purchasing courses or signing up for that new coach only to still feel like something is missing! You want to keep moving forward consistently!

You're tired of working your tail off, yet, having nothing to show for the work you are putting in! You're ready to see the rewards!

You no longer want to figure it all on your own but want someone who has been there share her source of knowledge with you so you can easily complete the next step!


You've been really feeling like giving up lately but...

Please don't give up. There is someone out there who desperately needs what you have to teach them. THEY NEED YOU! You might be sitting there thinking to yourself, "That's great Kristy-Lea, but how the heck do I create what I need to, get it to the people who need it and keep my sanity at the same time?" or maybe you're thinking to yourself, " I have tried it all and still nothing is working the way I need it to, I might have to find work and then I will have ZERO time to devote to this."

I get it being an online business owner and content creator isn't for the faint of heart. In fact it will bring the greatest growth you have ever experienced in your entire life. This is why you need the support of someone who has walked the path you currently are walking and seen what's on the other side. Who has lived through the sleepless nights, cried more times than she can count, who has had to figure it all out the hard way (ALONE) and spend countless hours and all nighters "making it happen"! Only someone who has been where you are can really understand what it is like.

You are here right now because you're tired of feeling lost in the process and alone through it all. Giving up is not an option for you. You are searching for the "one thing" that will help you get out of the rut you are in and bring you to the place where success lives. Because if you don't find it soon you will have to abandon the dream! And let me tell you, that is not truly and option!


Imagine for just a moment...

Remove the tech struggles and know which one you need to run your online business without having to watch endless YouTube videos, search Google for hours or jumping from platform to platform. All while having the support of a community of other online business owners just like you!!

Finding balance between your work and life. You've now created systems and processes that allow you to turn off the computer and enjoy other things in life (even sleeping in if you want). Meantime, in the background you keep making the income on auto pilot! Let's not forget that will also leave more time for family, faith and FUN!

Making the positive impact you have always wanted to on the lives around you. All without sacrificing your own health or wellbeing. Imagine what the lives of those who come to you look like now thanks to you helping them shine like diamonds! Plus, doesn't it feel good to see what your hard work is producing in the lives of these people thanks to your YES!

Listen to what Debbie had to say after just a couple days in the community


Pattern Of Growth
Online Business Support Community

A supportive space for online business owners, combining the benefits of a social community with a comprehensive video training library, that will have you COMPLETING and SUCCEEDING instead of procrastinating!

What makes us unique is our training library
has what you need for each stage of business success ALL-IN-ONE place!

Step-By-Step Video Library

Access the comprehensive video training library for entrepreneurs and get started with the tech pieces you need in your online business or create that workbook in Canva or create that course or maybe you are ready to LAUNCH and need a strategy for your social media. You will find it all inside of the library!

Be A Part Of A Community

Your biz bestie just might be awaiting your arrival into the Facebook community. This community was created for online business owners just like you to connect, collaborate and support with one another. This group is a great place to share your unique talents with the world as your first spring board before launching to the masses!

Pop-Up Specialty Trainings

I LOVE creating content and this is one way I am able to bring you new content, support you and give feedback without having to charge a whole lot more for Pattern Of Growth Online Business Support Community. Trainings can include YouTube/FB live, zoom sessions, or Clubhouse audio sessions. *These are announced when available or upcoming. 


This is what others have to say...


No worries this is the perfect environment for you. I make everything beginner friendly so there is no need to worry if you will be able to learn or not. Each video or course is broken down into step by step videos that are short in length. This allows you to go to the exact video you need when you need it most but it also cuts down on the overwhelm of learning something new as well.

No, you can learn the content from the comprehensive video library at your own pace anytime that fits your busy schedule. Plus, if you run into a specific problem all you have to do is go back to the video lesson that tackles it and watch the short video. This is why I keep videos short and to the point just in case you ever have to go back and rewatch something.

No, these are there as a BONUS attend any you are interested in.

I have you covered. I also do VIP consulting sessions where we can work together on your project or we have done-for-you services over at

Due to the nature of the content being digital there are no refunds as you have access to all content immediately. You can cancel at anytime by going to your account information.

About Your Community Facilitator

Hello, and welcome. I'm Kristy-Lea Tritz. I'm a Tech Expert, Online Business Consultant & Strategist. I help people like you create, launch and grow a thriving, yet sustainable online business.

I am the founder of Pattern Of Growth and lover of all things creative and tech. 

You can think of me as your personal techie in your well as the creative who will draw the very best out of you and then help you make a step by step plan to make it happen!