The Connected Mind, Body, & Spirit Experience

The most holistic program that takes a whole body approach to wellness for those who have been struggling with chronic autoimmune conditions

The Connected Mind, Body, & Spirit Experience is the only comprehensive community of its kind that not only shows you exactly how to connect the mind, body and spirit but how to do it in a way that brings full body wellness without having to fad diet, exercise for hours a day or deny yourself the pleasures of life.

I've always felt a little disconnected from my life and wanting for more. Since I've joined The Connected Mind, Body, & Spirit Experience I am happier than I have ever been in my life, I feel so fulfilled, that I wake ready for the day with anticipation! Thank you Mandy for creating this space.
  ~Julia Roadsy

Before I dive deeper into this life changing experience, let me first help you decide if this is for you...

You are the go getter personality type. You work day in and day out barely having enough time to take a break to go grab something to eat or go to the washroom. However you are tired all the time and don't know how much longer you can keep this pace up. Your body has already been sending you signals that it needs to rest and heal but you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders and think to yourself...if I let go of any of this everything will come crumbling down and no one will be there but me to pick up the pieces.

Weather You're Someone Who

  • Works a corporate 9-5 position who lets be honest really works more than 40hrs a week and is ready to take that entrepreneur leap, feeling the desire for freedom from your cubicle, but you don't know how to make it happen with the constant fatigue you already experience.
  • Is already an entrepreneur working for yourself and finding you're working more hours than you ever used to for others. You promised in the new year you would put yourself and self-care first but keep getting caught up in the running to do list for your business that never seems to run out.
  • Runs a successful digital business but find the hustle is starting to catch up in more ways than one and can feel the entire empire you have created slipping through your fingers as you navigate health challenges and personal issues.

You've arrived to the exact moment and place you need to be in, welcome to the beautiful new beginning!
I'm going to share with you how The Connected Mind, Body, & Spirit Experience is just what you have been longing for in order to stop the hamster wheel, heal and find the freedom you truly have been looking for this entire time!

By the end of the first month inside of the experience you will enjoy...


Say goodbye to mental fatigue, brain fog and confusion. Say hello to brain clarity! The kind of clarity that allows you to function in the moment with enhanced thinking. Enjoy the ability to think on your feet and make decisions quickly while completing tasks with ease.


Be in the moment with your emotions and learn to truly feel them so you can process quicker. By being able to process more effectively you enhance your ability to work through emotional times without crashing for days or finding yourself unable to cope.


A deeper connectedness to yourself with a finely tuned in ear to your intuition that will allow you to make "good feelings only" decisions without guilt. Plus you will notice your prayer life deepen as a result of truly being connected to spirit within.


Release of tension, overwhelm and frustration through the physical form of movement. You'll learn to call into your body its natural healing abilities allowing you to release weight, experience deeper joy, fell less fatigued and rid yourself of the aches. 


You've been wanting more passion and connection in your intimate relationships and now you are experiencing it all because you learned how to ASK for it while communicating more effectively to yourself and to others what you need and want.


The community inside of the experience has embraced you. You've finally fund the place you belong where you're accepted just as you are. No more masks, no more putting a smile on because you feel you need to, say goodbye to that and hello to true community!

Above all of this...

The Mind, Body, & Soul Experience will help you gain the skills you need to take your life, live it moment by moment and experience true full body freedom. You'll finally have enough income, energy and stamina to create the impact you've been longing to create!

Finally something gave way and I got the experience of freedom I had been
longing for my entire life! I can't say enough good things about Mandy and The Mind,
Body, & Soul Experience.I don't know what I would have done if this didn't come
to my inbox. I had been working 60+hrs on my business every single week
and had ZERO energy left at the end of the day for my partner and family.
I always felt like I was operating on fumes. NOT ANYMORE!

I have never had this kind of energy.

My friends all wonder what I am taking and I just say, "I am finally taking care of me and you should to before it's too late." then I pass them the link to the experience.

~Sally Denalta

Ready for a truly holistic approach to your health?

The doors to The Mind, Body & Spirit Experience are now open!

(But not for long...)

What will your story be when you join the experience?
Here are some of our members stories to inspire you

Meet Deliah...former burnt out corporate employee now thriving entrepreneur

Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined the life I now lead. I started inside of the experience with my zest and spark for life completely snuffed out. I had been searching for a long time to join a community of others who understood what it was like to struggle every single day due to a chronic condition. Finally I have found it and I will never be leaving. This is my third year in the experience and each year it gets better and better.

The photo I let Mandy use for my testimonial is one I got taken after gaining the confidence I needed to get leave my corporate position of 15 years. Now I help women going through a chronic condition plan their days so they don't feel exhausted. This is my dream life!

Thank you really is not words enough to express my gratitude for all that my life has become.

~Deliah Seventa

Meet Sahbrina...Who went from failing business to multi six figures!

Before I joined the experience I felt lonely, isolated and like nothing in my life really mattered anymore. My business was failing and I had ZERO energy to invest anymore.

Then I joined the experience and for the first time in my life knew what it was like to have a smile on my face without pretending. As I continued to work on myself and connect with others who were doing the same my joy increased and as that began to increase so did my income.

Three months into the experience I hit my first 6 figure month. I was in awe. The transformation I was doing on a personal level was truly transforming every aspect of my life. I never could have imagined being here when just a few short months prior I couldn't pay my rent!

There is nothing stopping you from reaching six figures except yourself!  

~Sahbrina Potiers

Meet Debbie...Self proclaimed stress eater to 100 lbs lighter! 

I was a self proclaimed stress eater and I had a whole lot of it in my life which meant I had gained over 143 lbs in less than a year. Each month it became harder for me to get out of bed. I just didn't want to face the day. I would lay there and cry. Then drag myself out of bed because the work I did for others required me to be "ON" 24/7.

I quickly realized that I didn't have to be on 24/7. Thanks to the experience I started really caring for myself, rather than always caring for others. I started to shed the weight but I also shed the long held belief patterns that kept me in a space of self destruct.

Now I make myself a priority and that has allowed me to truly care for others i na healthy way which has led to so much more energy!

No more excuses, now I only had reasons to thrive!  

~Debbie Brown

What will I get access to when I join the experience?

Feed your mind 

  • Mindfulness exercises to help you connect with your thoughts so you can conquer those negative interjections.
  • Downloadable healing meditation audios tackling the most common struggles faced by those who have chronic health conditions and entrepreneurs to help you break free once and for all. Keep them handy and use them often.
  • Mind growth exercises that will help you claim your personal power, grow your brain potential and let go of the past pain so you can live a life of freedom.

Feed your body

  • Learn to connect with your body through movement that invigorates, arouses and awakens.
  • Get ready to feed your body the intuitive way and begin to nourish from the inside out with guest expert videos in nutrition, cooking, and so much more. You will want to make this your go to resource for a healthy body without the crazy restrictions or limitations diets bring.
  • Create a space of expressiveness through the art of touch and self-care. You'll get first-hand knowledge on self massage techniques, homemade self-care products, and other delish treats for your body.

Feed your spirit

  • Messy is good and you'll get a chance to feel the power of expression through the creative arts. Think journaling, writing, painting and more. Don't worry if you are new to it all it isn't about perfection, it's about expression!
  • Awaken the senses of spirit and get in touch with the connection that nourishes you from the soul. You'll learn how to connect so deeply you will clearly hear the intuitive voice. 
  • Operate from spirit to allow you to be led into the paths of YES and avoid the paths of NO. Get ready to energize your life with a power you never knew you had access to.


These Exclusive Bonuses

  • One on One 30 Min Jumpstart session so you know where to start for your unique situation.
  • Access to the exclusive experience community for support with others in the experience.
  • Morning and evening routine checklist and mini course to help you start and end your day amazingly!

When you add all this amazing up it's truly life changing!

Don't let anything else stop you from living the life you truly want to!

Plus you're backed by our risk free 14-day gaurantee

We know you will be super happy with your purchase but we also want you to feel comfortable making the investment in yourself with us. So we have given you our 14-day guarantee. This means you will have access to everything the experience is for 14 entire days. If you dive in and get your jumpstart call booked, plus, follow the jumpstart recommendations and still don't feel like staying and experiencing total transformation simply email us with your action steps completed from your jumpstart call and a screenshot showing you completed the initial mind, body, & spirit content and we will happily refund your investment. Read Full Details Here >>>


You can expect to be welcomed into the community with open, loving arms that accept you as you are. We want to encourage you to be the truest YOU! Don't worry about having no makeup on, or fancy clothing (some of our members even attend LIVE events in their comfy PJ's). You can also expect a member of the experience team to reach out to you and help you book your one on one 30 minute jumpstart call. From there you will be given your first steps.

We take a whole body happiness approach. This means we want you tapping into every single part of your body. We encourage members to truly get in touch with their inner selves so they can live a more fuller authentic life with overflowing joy. We have found that after one month members have removed their "masks" and "false selves" allowing them to be more expressive in all aspects of their lives. This isn't about diet, exercise or any kind of fad. It's about true connection with self and spirit.

As soon as you choose your payment plan you will have access for three months. Each month will help you unlock another layer of yourself. If you want to continue your subscription you can always renew it after the three months. 

Nothing in life could have prepared me for the loss of my mother. But when I needed them the most The Mind, Body, & Spirit Experience gals were there. They supported me through the entire grieving process and even guided me to resources in the experience that helped me in the most difficult times.

I don't know what I would have done if it wasn't for joining this community five months ago. Each day I am thankful I found this space. It has truly transformed my entire life.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there when I needed you the most.

~Daphnie Grunther

Transformation is just a click away join the experience today!

Your time is now...don't keep putting yourself off

We all started someplace and that start can often be the darkest most gloomy place.

I can honestly say that's where my start began. I was 24 years old and not a penny to my name after complete burnout left me without a job and without a sense of who I was. Just like you probably did I started searching for answers. I knew there had to be a better life out there for me. Fast forward and after three years of learning, failing and soul searching I had found it.

MYESLF. I found ME. The real true me.

Now I take all the skills I learned along the way from massage therapy, aromatherapy, mindfulness, body balance and have combined the learning into The Mind, Body, & Spirit Experience. I was tired of seeing people struggle and was determined to save them years of searching. That's when this experience was born.

It is my goal to be here for you as a support, friend and helper assisting you in finding your true self. When you do you will wonder why you didn't start embracing YOU sooner!

Much love on your journey,

You're still here which means you know you're ready!

Come and join us today and start experiencing life the way it was meant to be lived!

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